Am I a Candidate for an Eyelid Lift?

The thin, delicate eyelid skin often shows signs of aging before the rest of the face. Many of us spend money on eye creams and serums that cannot address the root cause of the problem. Non-invasive treatments may give you some added firmness. However, only an eyelid lift can remove loose skin and relocate fat to restore a more youthful appearance

What is an Eyelid Lift?

Dr. Moskowitz and Dr. Mashkevich share many years of experience performing upper and lower eyelid lifts. An eyelid lift removes excess skin, repositions or removes pads of fat to correct bulging, and restores dark hollows under the eyes. You can have one procedure or both together for complete eye rejuvenation. 

Am I a Candidate for an Eyelid Lift?

Your surgeon will assess your eye area and determine whether an eyelid lift is the best option to address your concerns. If you also have sagging in the brow and forehead area, a procedure called a brow lift might be recommended in addition to the eyelid lift. 

Candidates should have no significant health problems that would affect their healing ability. The procedure may not be appropriate for people with medical conditions of the eye. Reasonable expectations and a positive attitude will increase the likelihood of satisfactory results. 

Upper vs. Lower Eyelid Lift

The popularity of the upper eyelift comes from its ability to lift sagging eyelids, immediately undoing that tired, hooded appearance. A lower eyelid lift is the procedure of choice for those wanting to correct undereye bags and hollows. Many people choose to have both procedures. The recovery time is no longer, and the effect on the eye area is even more dramatic. 

Upper Eyelid Lift

Your surgeon performs an upper eyelid lift using an incision hidden in an eyelid crease. He will remove loose skin to smooth out wrinkles and fix the sagging that makes you look tired. He will reposition areas of bulging or excess fat to lift the eyelid without losing youthful-looking volume.

Lower Eyelid Lift

Many people have concerns about dark shadows and undereye bags. A lower eyelid lift can brighten and smooth this area. Using an incision in a crease or inside the eyelid, your surgeon will reposition drooping fat pads to restore volume where it belongs and remove unwanted bags. 

What is Recovery Like After an Eyelid Lift?

You will need five to seven days to recover before returning to work after surgery. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on when to resume exercise and other physical activities. Good aftercare will speed up your recovery and give you better results. 

What Results Will I See With an Eyelid Lift?

You will notice that you look more awake and well-rested after an eyelid lift. If your sagging skin obstructs your vision, you may find that you can see better, and your eyes do not feel as tired. The eye area looks younger and brighter. 

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About our Surgeons

Bruce Moskowitz is an experienced and board-certified oculoplastic surgeon. His practice encompasses all areas of oculoplastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has a well-known reputation for revision surgery, and a large portion of his practice comes from other colleagues to revise sub-optimal outcomes.

Grigoriy Mashkevich is an experienced and double-board certified facial plastic surgeon. He belongs to a highly select group of surgeons with a focused specialization in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, face, and neck. 

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