Facial fat grafting is performed to improve the appearance of your face by contouring it with your own fat. Fat is taken from other areas of your body (typically from your belly or thighs), processed, cleaned and injected into target areas of the facial region. Volume can be added to sunken or creased sites such as laugh lines, cheeks, temples, and more.

Men and women seeking longer lasting results should consider an option of facial fat grafting. Commercially available fillers and injectables (such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse) last for a brief period of time when compared to fat grafting. Also, since facial fat grafting uses your own fat as a filler, you are not going to experience any adverse allergic reactions. If you’ve had issues in the past with chemical-based fillers, facial fat grafting may be a good alternative.

Facial fat grafting does not have a prolonged recovery time and most patients require only a few days for the swelling and discomfort to subside. If you’re in overall good health, facial fat grafting may be a good option to help you increase the facial volume and optimally contour the face. During your in-person consult, your doctor will evaluate if fat grafting is the right option for you.

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