Do you feel as though your brows are starting to droop, or the skin of the eyelid droops past the outer corner of your eye?  Is it to the point where they’re making you look constantly tired or grumpy? 

Are you frustrated by the appearance of deep forehead lines and wrinkles, especially between your eyebrows?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, you may be a good candidate for brow lift surgery. This procedure helps address brow sagging by smoothing forehead wrinkles, removing excess skin, and repositioning the eyebrows and upper eyelids to a more youthful position.

Interested in learning more, but want to see what you can expect from your brow lift recovery? Let’s take a closer look.


*Individual Results May Vary.

How Long Will My Brow Lift Recovery Be?

While every patient is different, the majority of your brow lift recovery may take place over 10 to 14 days after your surgery.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect from your brow lift recovery:

  • You’ll likely experience some discomfort during the first week of your brow lift, especially 24 to 48 hours after your surgery. For that reason, we recommend preparing a place in your home or apartment that’s dedicated to your recovery. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach or side, as this could put your surgical sutures at risk for coming undone.

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  • You may be encouraged to do light walking in the first two weeks after your brow lift. Most patients can return to their normal exercise routines about four weeks after surgery.
  • The majority of post-op swelling and bruising will be gone within the first two to three weeks of your recovery; however, you should expect mild swelling for several weeks after your surgery.

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