Are you interested in restoring lost volume and rejuvenating your appearance with facial fat grafting?

This procedure – which uses your body’s own fat to add volume to key facial areas – is an excellent solution for clients who want a natural approach to total rejuvenation.

Read on to discover how much facial fat grafting may cost, including factors that could affect the total price you may pay.

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*Individual Results May Vary.

Average Cost of Facial Fat Grafting

According to – a website where patients and plastic surgeons provide real-time information about cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries – the average cost of facial fat grafting is about $5,050 but ranges widely depending on number of areas

Your facial fat grafting costs will usually include:

  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Facility fees 
  • Follow-up appointments

Factors That May Affect Your Facial Fat Grafting Costs

Facial fat grafting costs can be different across the board, for a variety of reasons. Take a look at the factors that could play a role in the final costs of your facial fat grafting treatment:

The experience levels of your plastic surgeon

The more experienced and in-demand your plastic surgeon, the more likely it is that you’ll pay more for your facial fat grafting procedure.

The areas you need to be treated

Total facial rejuvenation may cost more than, say, treating mid-facial volume loss.

How many facial fat grafting procedures you need

Some clients may need more than one facial fat grafting procedure, as it can take a few tries for fat to finally settle and procedure the results you’re looking for.

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Does Insurance Cover Facial Fat Grafting?

Health insurance does not cover the costs associated with facial fat grafting, as it’s considered to be an elective cosmetic procedure.

However, your plastic surgeon may be able to offer you options to finance the cost of your facial fat grafting surgery. From special financing to payment plans, be sure to ask your plastic surgeon what options they provide to make the cost of your treatment more manageable. 

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