Deciding that you’re ready for plastic surgery is just the first step towards a younger-looking you. While there are many plastic surgeons practicing in cities worldwide, there are only a few that are capable of providing you with the natural-looking results you want. Vetting the right plastic surgeon is an essential step when it comes to an optimal outcome sans complications.

An in-person consultation with a skilled surgeon is the best way to determine if they’re a good fit. During your in-office visit, you’ll be able to see the facility and gain a better understanding about what your surgeon can do for you. But for now, we’ll take a look at the top 5 things you should consider before choosing your surgeon.

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#1: Board-Certification

Board-certification is key when it comes to picking a surgeon. To obtain board-certification, a surgeon must undergo up to eight years of surgical training following medical school, and adhere to a rigorous set of both ethical and safety codes. A surgeon who is board-certified is committed to continued education and staying up to date on the latest surgical techniques.

Drs Bruce Moskowitz and Dr Grigoriy Mashkevich, MD at Specialty Aesthetic Surgery are sub-specialized board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience performing both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. They use advanced surgical techniques to maximize their patients’ outcomes while keeping recovery times as minimal as possible. Both physicians work with each patient individually to create a unique treatment plan tailored to them

#2: Specialist in Your Specific Surgery

While facial procedures and body contouring procedures are both forms of plastic surgery, they’re nowhere near the same when it comes to performing them. If you’re considering a facial procedure, it’s incredibly important to opt for a surgeon with adequate knowledge of the facial anatomy. Furthermore, your surgeon should have a good understanding of your unique gender and ethnic differences.

Specialty Aesthetic Surgery focuses solely on facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Greg Mashkevich’s primary focus is on surgeries that address the nose, face, and neck. Dr. Bruce Moskowitz uses his surgical skill and first-hand knowledge towards surgeries on the eyes, brows, and ajacent areas. Both surgeons routinely perform facial surgeries of all types with exceptional, natural-looking results.

#3: Social Proof

Social proof is a good indicator of your surgeon’s skill and expertise. Whether it’s before and after photos or patient reviews, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what your surgeon can do for you. A skilled surgeon should have plenty of social proof available online and in-office. Ask your surgeon for before and after pictures that represent what outcome you can expect.


#5: Friendly, Compassionate Care

Your surgeon is someone whom you’ll be working directly with for several months. Choosing a surgeon that you feel comfortable with is a must. At Specialty Aesthetic Surgery, our surgeons and staff provide patient-centric care from the moment you walk into our door, throughout your surgery, and into your follow-up visits. We’ll be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you have from start to finish.

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