Rhinoplasties – operations performed on the nose – aren’t solely cosmetic procedures. They also offer essential medical benefits to patients. 

Aesthetic rhinoplasty typically involves making a small incision in the nose and rearranging the tissue inside to create a more desirable shape. However, many people with attractive noses undergo functional rhinoplasty to correct underlying medical issues.

So, which conditions does medical rhinoplasty solve?


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3 Medical Conditions Addressed by Rhinoplasty

There are three common medical reasons a patient may choose to undergo a rhinoplasty

Deviated Nasal Septum

A deviated nasal septum can lead to chronic congestion, breathing issues, and snoring. Surgical intervention may be necessary to facilitate an open airway for the nostrils. Rhinoplasty surgery can address a deviated nasal septum

Nasal Valve Obstruction

Nasal valve obstruction is a common cause of chronic nasal obstruction. Rhinoplasty can address the root of this problem, which is an obstruction within the nasal cavity. Once the blocked valve is cleared, the patient will be able to breathe with ease. 

Broken Nose

Every year, thousands of people across the country undergo facial reconstruction after an accident or injury. Because of the nose’s central position on the face, it is at risk for fracturing during facial injury. Rhinoplasty in this setting restructures the nasal framework and re-establishes bony continuity prior to trauma.

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Is a Functional Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

If you have any of the medical conditions described above, then you may be a suitable candidate for functional rhinoplasty. Typically, doctors prescribe treatments such as nasal washes and medication sprays to resolve functional nasal problems. If such interventions are not effective, surgical intervention may be indicated to resolve the issue instead. 

Rhinoplasty, sometimes called septorhinoplasty, is a technique that addresses any malformations of the nose that could be making it hard to breathe. It is also applicable to patients with a broken nose. The procedure realigns and strengthens bone and cartilage of the nose, allowing you to overcome these problems and more.

I had a positive experience there. Dr. Mashkevich focused on what I wanted to achieve doing the rhinoplasty. As a result, I satisfy with the outcome of the surgery and would highly recommend him to friends/colleagues. In addition to the rhinoplasty, he removed a mole from my chick (0.5 mm). After two months, the scar is almost not noticeable!!! It’s a miracle! The doctor and his team are experts in what they do! Thank you!


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*Individual results may vary.