Juvederm Voluma®

Juvederm Voluma® belongs to the Juvederm® collection, which is a collection of fillers used to treat moderate to severe age lines and wrinkles. Juvederm Voluma® adds volume to the cheeks and helps create an overall more youthful appearance.

Juvederm Voluma® is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, which means that it is made of long chains of sugars that occur naturally in the body. This type of formula allows Juvederm Voluma® to show results for much longer than other similar fillers. It can also be shaped and molded into the desired look after the injection.

Juvederm Voluma Manhattan

How Juvederm Voluma® Works

Juvederm Voluma® is combined with lidocaine, providing ultimate comfort during the procedure. A topical numbing cream can also be applied if the patient chooses. After the numbing takes effect, the injection specialist will insert an extremely small needle into the treatment area and inject the Juvederm Voluma®. They will then gently massage the area to ensure it is properly distributed and contoured.

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Areas Juvederm Voluma® Treats

Juvederm Voluma® is designed specifically for deep injections to correct loss of volume and definition in the cheeks and cheek area. Juvederm Voluma® temporarily lifts and plumps the checks, which helps reverse the signs of aging.

Benefits of Juvederm Voluma®

Juvederm Voluma® is able to provide fullness and definition to the cheeks that has been lost due to aging, creating an overall more youthful appearance. This is a beneficial option without having to have surgery to achieve the desired results. Many patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately following the procedure, requiring no downtime or time off work.

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