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Neck Lift


Neck Lift surgery works to improve sagging skin and bands found around neck. Sagging skin around the neck can cause embarrassment and can add years to your appearance. Neck Lift surgery will help to support and tighten the muscles surrounding the neck to reduce sagging skin. In turn, patients will achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance from a procedure that provides long lasting results.


Typical Neck Lift candidates are middle-aged men and women. However, loose skin around the neck can impact anyone regardless of age. If you are bothered by your appearance, a Neck Lift may be for you. We can discuss candidacy further during individual consultation.



Patients undergoing a Neck Lift will be sedated with anesthesia to prevent them from feeling any pain during the procedure. The operation can last up to five hours, but the time varies based on each patient’s individual needs. Risks include infection, irritation, and scarring. These can be discussed further during consultation to assess your individual likelihood of risks.


Patients can expect to go home the day of their surgery. If patients receive an office-based Neck Lift, they should plan to take up to 5-7 days off from work as they heal. For all other surgeries, patients should plan to take 10-14 days off work to allow ample time for healing. Before the surgery, patients will be given detailed instructions on how to care for their neck in the days following the surgery to help facilitate a smooth recovery. Our office will be available to help answer any questions or address any concerns during your recovery time. Please don’t hesitate to call.


Projected results can be seen before the surgery is performed. Computer imaging and simulation are available to help visualize what your neck will look like after the operation. Photos are taken from multiple angles and used to simulate the results that can be achieved. This gives our patients the opportunity to provide feedback on the kind of results they have envisioned.

To learn more our Neck Lift procedures, please schedule your consultation by either filling out the form on this page, or by calling Specialty Aesthetic Surgery at (212) 737-8700. We look forward to working with you!

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