Are Neck Lipo Results Permanent?

A double chin is a common, frustrating aesthetic issue. Fat stored in this area often resists all efforts to get rid of it. Neck liposuction or neck lipo permanently removes unwanted fat cells. As a result, you can achieve the slimmer neckline and more sculpted jaw you hope to see. Men and women benefit equally from this effective fat-removal treatment. 

What is Neck Liposuction?

If you have fat under your chin, also called submental fat, you have several options to get rid of it. Neck liposuction is the most effective treatment for submental fat. It uses liposuction to break up and remove the targeted fat using tiny incisions. Since fat does not grow back, results can last a long time. 

Submental fat can make your chin and jaw look less defined, affecting the balance of your lower face. Removing this excessive fat can effectively shape and sculpt these areas. As a result, your chin looks stronger, and your jawline takes on a new definition. 

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How Does Neck Lipo Work?

During neck liposuction, your surgeon uses small incisions to insert a liposuction cannula. These incisions may be hidden under the chin or around the ears. The cannula gently breaks up fat cells and suctions them out of the body. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, liposuction acts as a body sculpting tool that provides more contoured results. The amount of fat removed depends on your needs. An ideal amount provides significant sculpting with natural-looking results. 

Are Neck Lipo Results Permanent?

Neck lipo works by removing fat cells from your double chin. Your body’s fat cells are distributed early in life, and you will never grow new ones. If your weight changes, these cells can expand to store more fat or shrink as they lose it. The removal of fat cells with liposuction is permanent. Those fat cells will not return. 

However, the fat cells still in the area can store more fat if your weight increases. We recommend maintaining a consistent weight to keep your neck looking slim and sculpted. The area cannot store as much fat with fewer fat cells, so results are usually long-lasting. 

Do I Need Neck Lipo or a Neck Lift?

When you schedule a consultation, your surgeon will assess which procedures will benefit you most. If you feel unhappy with the area under your chin and around your neck, you may benefit from one of several procedures. Neck lipo works best for people whose primary concern is excess submental fat. Those who also have excess skin or sagging may benefit more from a neck lift. This procedure removes fat and loose skin to rejuvenate the area. It is a more extensive procedure than neck lipo, so not everyone may need it to see their desired results. 

How to Prepare for Neck Liposuction

Your team will provide you with instructions for your pre-surgical preparation. Liposuction is a safe, minimally invasive procedure, but you can take steps to reduce your risk even more. 

  • If you smoke, stop several weeks before and after your procedure
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid NSAIDs like ibuprofen that increase bleeding
  • Stop taking supplements that raise bleeding risks
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle to help you heal faster

Discuss all the supplements, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications you use so your team can help you plan which ones to modify before neck lipo. People who lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a consistent weight before and after neck liposuction see the best, longest-lasting results. Your surgeon will assess your health before performing the procedure to ensure your safety. 

What is Recovery Like After Neck Lipo?

Most people benefit from prescription pain medication for the first 24 to 72 hours, followed by over-the-counter treatment. You may have a compression garment to wear for the first few days after your procedure. Most people can return to work and light activities within about a week. Strenuous activity should wait several weeks or until your surgeon approves it. People with physically active jobs may need more than a week before resuming their full duties. 

Can I Combine Neck Lipo With Other Procedures?

Neck lipo can be combined with many other procedures to improve your results. For example, a facelift often includes a neck lift or neck lipo to make the results more complete. A neck lift can also add balance, enhancing other facial procedures like rhinoplasty. 

People who have neck lipo may still have mild skin laxity that does not require a neck lift. Laser skin resurfacing or other procedures that trigger collagen production can non-invasively tighten this laxity to improve the definition and shape of your neck, chin, and jaw. 

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