Not all facelifts are created equal, and no two patients age identically. What’s right for one patient may not be the best route to take for the next. That’s why a vast array of facelift procedures have been developed using the most advanced surgical techniques and incisions. Through a variety of procedures, we’re able to create personalized treatment plans to help patients get the results they want with as little downtime as possible.

At Specialty Aesthetic Surgery, our highly-skilled surgeons routinely perform mid-facelift procedures for patients who aren’t quite ready for a full facelift. If you’re bothered by moderate signs of aging on the lower eyelids or cheeks, a mid-facelift may be right for you. Let’s take a closer look.

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Mid-Facelift: What Can It Address?

Mid-facelift procedures tend to focus primarily on the lower eyelids, cheeks, and corners of the mouth. The procedure is effective for helping patients regain more youthful contours along with smoother, tighter skin. Patients with sunken cheeks and under-eye hollows can benefit from a mid-facelift.

 Mid-Facelift: Procedure 

Mid-facelifts are done under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Strategically-placed incisions behind the hairline allow to adjust facial fat pads and muscle to elevate the cheek and avoid visible scarring. Excess skin is pulled taut and removed leaving you with a smoother complexion. The entire process takes approximately 2-hours. After your surgery, you’re free to go home the same day for rest and relaxation.

 Mid-Facelift: Recovery & Results 

A mid-facelift is less invasive than a traditional facelift. Incisions are made in easily-concealable locations resulting in less-visible scarring. Patients can enjoy faster results with less visible swelling or bruising. In most cases, you can get back to non-strenuous activities in less than a week and your normal routine within several weeks.

Your surgeon is able to focus more on your individual concerns with more focused techniques. You’ll see instantly noticeable results with visible improvement over the course of several weeks with a mid-facelift. Full recovery and results can take upwards of 4-6 weeks.

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Mid-Facelift: Is It Right for You?

Some patients may be better suited for full facelift procedures, especially those who are bothered by visible signs of aging in the lower face or neck. However, if your goals are isolated to the mid-face region and you’d like a less-invasive procedure, a mid-facelift might be your best bet. At the time of your consultation, either Dr. Greg Mashkevich or Dr. Bruce Moskowitz will be able to assess your concerns and determine if a mid-facelift is right for you.

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