What’s the Best Type of Facelift?

Ready to look as young as you feel, but not sure what type of facelift is best? Since no two patients age identically, what’s right for one patient may not be best for another. This is why an array of facelift procedures have been developed to provide customized solutions for just about anyone.

A consult with Specialty Aesthetic Surgery will help you find what’s right for you. Because the best facelift is always the one that produces the most natural results for your individual needs.

What Are My Facelift Options?

Our surgical experts will determine which facelift is best for you after discussing your goals and lifestyle. The area you’re most concerned with addressing will also contribute to choosing between a traditional facelift, mini facelift, or mid-facelift. Mini facelifts and mid-facelifts are less invasive and might be appropriate if you’re experiencing early signs of aging, but don’t require a full facial surgery.

How Should I Choose My Facelift Surgeon?

When choosing a facelift surgeon, your primary focus should be on finding a board-certified surgeon who makes you feel comfortable. Beyond that, a surgeon’s experience and successful past procedures should be considered. You should also seek a facial contouring specialist with a reputation for creating personalized treatment plans that leave patients happy with their results.

While some research can be done online, the best way to get a feel for a surgeon is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mashkevich or Dr. Moskowitz. The advanced experience of our surgeons allows them to operate precisely and efficiently during the procedure, providing you with the best possible outcome without complications.

Grigoriy Mashkevich M.D.

Double-board certified Dr. Grigoriy Mashkevich applies the latest advancements in facial cosmetic surgery. He has a specialization in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on the nose, face, and neck. Dr. Mashkevich places an emphasis on effective communication and meticulous care in his practice, which allows him to help patients attain long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Bruce Moskowitz M.D.

Dr. Bruce Moskowitz is driven to preserve ocular function and provide the best cosmetic outcome for his patients. In other words, he’s known to give the best of both function and beauty. He is also known for his skill in revising sub-optimal outcomes. A large number of the hundreds of procedures Dr. Moskowitz performs each year are revision surgeries referred by his colleagues.

What’s Right for Me?

Sagging skin can happen at any age. Determining the best type of facelift for you requires proper consideration. Dr. Mashkevich and Dr. Moskowitz would love to discuss your individual concerns and answer questions about choosing the right procedure for you. During your consultation, one of our board-certified surgeons will discuss your likelihood for candidacy, as well as prepare a unique treatment plan for you.

Take the Next Step

To learn more about Facelift Surgery at Specialty Aesthetic Surgery in New York, please schedule your consultation by either filling out the form on this page or by calling (212) 737-8700. We look forward to helping you!

About our Surgeons

Bruce Moskowitz is an experienced and licensed plastic surgeon, working and operating in New York. Dr. Moskowitz has been a member of the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society since 2013 and has also presented his research at various symposiums for the industry.

Grigoriy Mashkevich is an experienced and licensed plastic surgeon, working and operating in New York. Dr. Mashkevich has been with Specialty Aesthetics since 2016 and has published several research journals and textbook chapters on subjects concerning surgical procedures and processes.

*Individual results may vary.

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